Our Windows

Correctly installed double or triple glazing will increase your Home energy efficiency, and significantly reduce your energy bills - therefore helping the environment.

Windows of all types, shapes and sizes to suit all styles of homes and budgets, are our speciality.

We offer uPVC, double glazed windows with features, such as Easy-clean hinges, child restrictors and hardware in colours and styles of your choice, to give your home that traditional feel without the need for constant maintenance.

Leaded Glass:

If your home is a “Character” property with particular importance, and has windows of the old style leaded lights, that have seen better days, we are able to replicate them in new uPVC profiles (subject to planning laws).

Also, if you have seen a door or window with a leaded design that you would like fitted to your new frames – no problem! Simply take a photograph of the design, email it to us as a jpeg image and we’ll endeavour to come up with the same.


All of our Windows are guaranteed for a period of 10 years on frames and hardware, and a period of 5 years for double glazed units.

Tips for maintaining your double glazing

You’ve invested in double glazing for your home, it’s essential to spend time maintaining your windows to minimise the effect of weather, traffic grime and general wear and tear. Here are five tips for maintaining your double glazing.

1. Be wary of damp conditions

Damp can cause problems with your double glazing, including mould on window sealants, surrounding areas or even on the frames themselves. To avoid these problems, make sure any existing dampness issues are addressed immediately. Condensation can have an equally damaging effect, so be sure to aerate your property frequently, especially in humid rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and adjoining rooms.

2. Keep your windows clean

A build up of dirt can result in discolouration or even damage to your windows, sealants and hinges. Clean your double glazing on a regular basis; including all moving parts and the frames as well as the glass itself.

3. Use appropriate cleaning methods

If you choose the wrong method for cleaning your double glazing, you are at risk of causing damage. Refrain from using abrasives; the gentler and more regular your method, the better. We also suggest vacuuming with a soft brush attachment as an efficient way to clean your windows – removing dirt quickly and easily.

4. Cleaning Products.

Carefully choose your cleaning products to avoid causing damage to your double glazing. Before using a product, always check its suitability for use on glass or uPVC, for example washing up liquid can damage seals. Also the right product can keep your windows looking in tip-top condition. A quality lubricant such as WD40 or silicone spray on all moving parts of handles and hinges every 6 months will ensure your windows are easy to open (Failure to maintain all moving parts may invalidate your warranty).

5. Call in the experts

If your windows are difficult to access, for safety don’t attempt to clean the outside yourself. Instead, employ the services of a professional cleaner to take care of your difficult to reach windows on a regular basis – especially if you live in a town or city where air pollution is high.

If you have any further queries as to the care of your new windows please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.