Our Roof Lanterns

Atlas systems are leading the way in roof lantern technology and design, giving you the ultimate and unrivalled open sky view from your home extension with supreme industry-leading thermal performance enabling you to use your lounge or kitchen extension 365 days a year.

Our quality bespoke Aluminium roof lanterns are a fantastic addition to any flat roof or extension, flooding natural daylight into the room below.

Kitchens, extensions, dining rooms and other areas, will all benefit from installing a roof lantern transforming the way you use the living space below.

Available in white, anthracite grey or even a mix of colours – grey outside, white inside or white outside and grey inside.

Pitched roof lantern or flat … the choice is yours, and all are available in a range self-cleaning glass which combine both self-cleaning and solar control properties, making them highly desirable amongst homeowners looking for the ultimate in glass solutions.

Pilkington Activ™ Range is the world’s first true self-cleaning glass. It has a dual-action coating, which works in two ways. First it uses UV rays to break down and loosen organic dirt (such as bird droppings) allowing rain to wash away the dirt. Next the water spreads evenly over its surface so that it dries leaving the glass clean and with reduced streaks.

Available Activ™ colours are Active Clear, Activ Blue, and Activ Neutral.

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